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We love growing our team and working with equally driven individuals!

If you are interested in becoming our affiliate you must:

🌸 have over 5k followers and an active following on Instagram, Youtube or Tumblr


We provide you a discount code (20% discount + free Shipping) to promote our shop! We supply you with pictures and give you detailed instructions once you have contacted us and we have chosen to work with you. For every sale made with your code (used at the checkout when a customer purchases), you are able to get a 10% commission. All future payments are to be made through Paypal.

If our affiliate collaboration proves prosperous, we will send you jewelry pieces you can promote on your own and share with your followers. You are completely free to choose in what ways and how often you'd like to promote us (sharing the pictures of our jewelry in your posts or stories, sharing the code with your family and friends etc.)


All requests must be sent to moonchaserss16@gmail.com with  "AFFILIATE REQUEST (your username)" as the subject. Please include all the following information :

🌸Your username and link to your Instagram, Youtube or Tumblr
🌸Social platform you'd like to promote us on
🌸Followers count (you can screenshot it)
🌸The name of the discount code you would like to use to promote with